Keeping Promises and Goals of 2015 Campaign . . . 


1. Insured Jacksonville Budget was balanced with no tax increase

  • Worked with Mayor Curry to solve the city pension debt issue.

  • Voted against the pay raise for city council members.

  • Refused to receive the nearly almost 10% pay increase.

2. Improved Infrastructure in District 2

  • Roads: Since July 2015, pushed to have numerous roads resurfaced: Starrett Road, Yellow Bluff, Cedar Bay, East Point, East Port, Imeson Park, Half of Sawpit Road, Heckscher Drive, Fort Caroline Road, Brookview Drive, Cobblestone Forrest, and Fay Road.

  • New Intersection: Dunns Creek and Starrett

  • Bridge Repair: on Cedar Point, pressed to obtain repairs on Browns Creek Bridge, and extended the Ferry hours during hurricane.

  • Increased Priority of Black Hammock Island Bridge from 104 to city’s top 10 list of repairs.

  • Drainage: Repaired drainage on Shark Road W, Cedar Point, Pumpkin Hill, Heckscher Drive flooding, and Clapboard Creek. Had numerous District 2 drainage ditches cleaned and obstructions removed.

  • Rebuilding of docks: Joe Carlucci board dock; Sisters Creek; New Kayak boat launch at Sisters Creek; Half Moon Island New Park North Maine Street

  • Palms Fish Camp: supported efforts to revitalize unused city owned facility.

3. Improved Parks

Sheffield Park received a new storage building; Tom Marshall Park received a playground; San Mateo Park received flag pole and secured funding from private firm for park; Ed Austin Park received new lights for Newman Field

4. Provided Customer Service to District 2 Citizens

  • Responded to constituents

  • Provided personal onsite visits to areas of concern.

  • Attended numerous Sheriff Walks and Sheriff Advisory meetings

  • Participated in developing the El Faro Park Monument

  • Insured City Council Support of Heckscher Drive residents

  • Opposed industrial intrusion into residential area.

  • Worked with Jacksonville Council of the Blind to support and improve the quality of life for the disabled citizens.

  • Arranged transportation for blind citizens to attend city council.

  • Provided city council contact cards printed in braille.

5.    Projects Underway

  • Supporting future JTA projects

  • Widening Alta Drive

  • Widening Kernan

  • Installing 5 new traffic lights for safety near school crossings

  • Extending the resurfacing of Fort Caroline Road

  • Grover Road (Defending Groover Road)

  • Pursuing funding for a library in District 2

  • Developing a new park at Fort Caroline Road and McCormick Road for Veterans with PTSD and the Cosmo Historical Association. (Note: This will be the first in the state of Florida that recognizes veterans with PTSD. It will also recognize the first land grants given to freed slaves in the state of Florida.)


City Council Positions:

  • Transportation, Energy, and Utilities Committee: 2015-2016; Chair 2016-2018

  • Jacksonville Waterways Commission: Vice Chair 2017-2018

  • Rules Committee: 2017-2018

  • Military/Veterans Affairs Liaison: 2017-2018

  • Zoological Society Liaison: 2016-2018

  • Recreation, Community Development/Public Health and Safety Committee: 2015-2016

  • Land Use and Zoning Committee: 2016-2018

  • Value Adjustment Board: 2016-2018

  • Waterways Committee: 2015-2016; 2017-2018

  • Joint Planning Committee: 2016-2017

  • Special Ad Hoc Committee on Neighborhood Improvement & Community Enhancement: 2015-2016

  • Downtown Development Review Board: 2015-2016

  • Northeast Florida Regional Council: 2015-2016

Of Note:

  • Received the Elected Official of the Year Award from the Northside Business Leaders 2017.

  • Received Commendation from Turning Points in America Inc (for not voting for men in women’s restrooms) 2-14-2017.

  • Lowest paid Jacksonville City Council Member in the. Voted against the pay raise for city council members and refused to receive the almost 10% pay increase.

  • Al Ferraro has never missed a City Council meeting. Always feel free to invite Al to any neighborhood meetings.